The National Employment Fund (NEF) and MTN commit to promote employment in Cameroon

NEF’s database of job seekers will henceforth be made available to MTN Cameroon for its recruitment operations.

MTN, leader in Electronic Communications in Cameroon and the National Employment Fund (NEF), announce the signing of a Partnership Agreement aimed at improving the quality of human resources and promoting employment in Cameroon.

The agreement was signed by both parties on 08 October 2020 at the head office of MTN in Douala, during a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Mr. Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

At the level of the National Employment Fund, this new collaboration will be concretized through providing MTN Cameroon with the database of job seekers, assuring an efficient execution of requests for pre-selection or selection of applications, respecting the free choice by MTN Cameroon in the final selection of candidates to be recruited…

In addition, “we will regularly inform MTN Cameroon of any new programme the organization could be interested in, and above all, we will ensure an excellent quality of service, free of charge,” promised the General Manager of NEF, Camille Mouté à Bidias.

This agreement will be implemented within the framework of three main programmes of NEF, notably, the Employment Program for Graduate Citizens, Youth Employment Retirement Programme and Support Programme for the Return of Cameroonian Immigrants.

MTN Cameroon for its part will, on the one hand, inform NEF on its human resource needs and on the other, resort to the intermediation of NEF in the pre-selection process of applications.

The partnership is concluded for a period of two years. It will enable both institutions to better serve their users. For NEF, this collaboration will bring more visibility and opportunities to job seekers.

This agreement will enable MTN to continue relying on local talents, as it has done for the past 20 years. We offer them a pleasant work environment where they can develop and grow while providing customers with products and services,” says MTN Cameroon’s CEO, Stephen Blewett.

This is not the first time that NEF and the leading operator have worked together. More than two hundred trainees and job seekers have been hosted and trained by MTN Cameroon, over a period of 3 to 6 months, within the framework of the Youth Internship Programme in 2019 and 2020.

This unprecedented phase in the collaboration between these two institutions is also an opportunity for MTN Cameroon to re-engage in a public-private partnership to continue contributing concretely towards the development of Cameroon.

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