MTN certified as best voice and data quality network in Cameroon


MTN Cameroon, leader of the electronics communications sector in Cameroon, is pleased to announce that the international agency, Rohde & Schwarz, has certified its network as the best in Cameroon for data and voice quality.

The “Highest Network Performance Score Award” was officially presented to the Management of MTN Cameroon during a solemn ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Douala on Monday, 27 January 2020.

Rohde & Schwarz discerned this award to MTN Cameroon following tests conducted in Cameroon during the 4th quarter of 2019 within the framework of a study that involved a total number of 20.000 calls and internet speed evaluations over 9.000km across the national territory.

These independently conducted network quality and performance tests were done on the networks of all mobile operators in Cameroon. The results were compared to those of leading European mobile telephone operators and the following standards were used to assess voice and video quality:

The analysis of the data permitted Rohde & Schwarz, a renown international organization that specializes in the auditing of the performance of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks across the globe using the IUT/ETSI standards and methodology, to place MTN ahead of all the other operators in Cameroon with an overall 61-point margin against the second best operator; 562 Vs 501. MTN’s network had:

“MTN is particularly proud of these results. They are proof that the reforms carried out by the company at several levels are bearing fruit. Over the last four years, MTN Cameroon has invested massively in the transformation of its network to enable it to fully respond to the needs of its clients in the new digital world. We are happy to provide the over 10 million subscribers on our network with the tools they need to remain connected and mobile everywhere they go”, notes Shoyinka Shodunke, Chief Technology & Information Systems Officer (CTIO) of MTN Cameroon.

With the best Voice and Data Quality network in Cameroon, MTN is providing its customers with an experience of exceptional quality for their communication and connectivity needs. Thanks to the speed and quality offered by the fastest network in the country, users can take pictures and videos of their everyday activities and share them on the go. In addition, they can download voluminous files quickly, listen to music online, make and receive regular voice calls of high quality, watch TV online via Yabadoo and other platforms, and even play games online.

With its technological know-how, MTN has for the past 20 years, continually innovated to add value to the products and services it puts in the market because it believes that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life. What’s even more, the leader of the electronic communications sector in Cameroon is resolutely committed to put its clients at the center of its activities and provide them simple, affordable and innovative solutions to make their lives brighter.


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