Mitwa Ng’ambi Honored as MTN Group CEO of the Year 2023


“MTN Cameroon, a leading company in the electronic communications sector in Cameroon, is proud to announce the appointment of its CEO, Mitwa Ng’ambi, as the MTN Group’s CEO of the Year 2023. She received this honorary distinction on February 7, 2024, during a gala evening organized by the MTN Group in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Often presented as the Chief Energy Officer and leading with the slogan “1 Team 1 Goal 1 purpose”, Mitwa through this award distinguished herself among the 19 CEOs of MTN Group’s Operations in Africa and the Middle East.
“There is no leader without a team. There is no CEO without you. I thank you immensely for your support and for the remarkable work you are doing,” said Mitwa to the employees of MTN Cameroon, commenting her award.
The distinction she received was the icing on the cake of this gala. Indeed, the company also outperformed the other subsidiaries of the MTN Group in other areas:
First prize in the “Leading Customer Experience” category. A distinction recognizing the quality of the customer experience offered by MTN Cameroon in order to always satisfy its consumers.
First in the “Future fit culture and talent” category. A prize highlighting MTN Cameroon’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive and rewarding corporate culture, promoting talent development and employee fulfillment.
These prestigious awards salute the company’s unwavering commitment to always bring more value to all its stakeholders. And also, to follow its purpose to connect and empower lives through inclusive digital solutions for the progress of Cameroon.

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