1.     What is Livefootball.TV Portal? is a portal that provides live Bundesliga games videos and short form content from OPTA, highlights / pre-match / post-match and the latest up to date results, analysis and statistics from the Premier League, Champions League and Europa League.

2.     How to access Livefootball.TV Portal?

An MTN subscriber can access the Livefootball.TV portal via the web page He can also subscribe by clicking on online advertisements and be redirected to this webpage (


3.     How does it work?

To access Livefootball.TV Portal, subscriber must go to Livefootball.TV sends the Subscriber a Welcome notification with a URL to the Livefootball.TV Portal.

To unsubscribe, customers send:

4.     How much does it cost?

Customers are charged for subscription fees as described below: