Fan de foot

1.     What is Fan de foot service?

Fan de foot is a service that allows customers to answer questions via SMS and earn points. Users who participate to the game compete to get the highest score and win daily or weekly prizes. Questions revolve around football.

2.     How to subscribe to the service?

To subscribe, customer shall:

  • Send FAN to 8408

3.     How does it work?

·       Subscription price point is 250 XAF daily (and 50 XAF for on-demand questions).

·       Subscribers who join the service get 10 points

·       Users answer a regular set of 5 questions with every right answer giving them 10 points.

·       Users can choose to continue to play and answer more sets of 2 questions, therefore paying an additional 50 XAF for each set.

·       To get additional sets of questions, users will send “PLUS” to 8408

·       Daily prizes reward 5 players with the highest score

·       Subscribers can compete for special prizes on occasional weekly challenges with a specific set of points (e,g: Collect 5.000 points to win a smartphone)

·       Subscribers will be able to opt out at any time by sending the keyword STOP FAN to 8408

4.     How much does it cost?

The service costs 250F/day for 5 questions. Each additional pack of two questions cost 50F.