Cash A Gogo

1.     What is Cash A Gogo service?

Cash A Gogo is a service that allows customers to answer questions via SMS and earn points. Users who participate to the game are eligible for a draw and can win amazing cash prizes.

2.     How to subscribe to the service?

To subscribe, customer shall:

  • Send CASH to 8139 or
  • Dial *044#

3.     How does it work?

After subscription:

  1. Customer chooses the theme of the questions by sending the appropriate letter by SMS to 8139
  2. Customer receives 3 questions that he can reply to by sending 1 or 2 to 8139
  3. User can freely consult his score at any point by sending SCORE to 8139.
  4. User can unsubscribe by sending STOPCASH to 8139.

4.     How much does it cost?

The service costs 100F/day with microbilling steps at 75F, 50F and 25F per day.