A Subsidiary

MTN Cameroon (MTNC) is a subsidiary of the MTN Group created on 15 February 2000, following the acquisition by MTN International of the first mobile operator in Cameroon, CAMTEL Mobile. In 19 years of activity, MTN Cameroon has imposed itself as the leader of the electronic communications market in Cameroon, and an essential partner of the socio-economic growth of Cameroon.



Major Role

Since its creation, MTNC has massively invested in the construction of a 2G,3G and 4G network which is today the most robust and extensive in the country, and even in the Central African sub-region. The extension of this network enables MTN to cover roughly 93% of the population of Cameroon and have a redundant presence as well as an uninterrupted service in all the agglomerations of over 50, 000 inhabitants.

Great Player

MTNC plays a major role in the Cameroonian economy and is one of it’s biggest private investors (roughly USD 1.5 billion invested since 2000). MTNC is also the second biggest contributor to State revenues in terms of taxes and customs duties paid. The investments realized by MTNC have led to the growth of over a thousand SME partners and vendors of the company. MTNC  features the connection of Cameroon to the WACS submarine cable, a strategic tool that enables countries to access cost-effective and abundant high-speed internet.

From Creation

Since the year 2000, MTNC has created on average 74 new direct jobs each year being overall of over a thousand direct jobs of which 40% are occupied by women. The dynamism of its activity provides daily income to about  200, 000 families.

In 2005, MTN created the very first corporate foundation in Cameroon to which 1% of its profit after tax is allocated. This Foundation contributes to the welfare of communities  in the areas of health, community development, and education