SME Go Digital Program

Digital Transformation

  • Mobile Service
  • Co-working space
  • Training tools
SME Go Digital Program


To better support SMEs in their digital transformation, MTN Business has designed a program known as SME Go Digital, to provide the technical building blocks needed for small and medium sized business owners, regardless of their skills or experience, to start their digital journey and benefit from the right support to digitally transform, stay competitive and – Do Business Better. The program brings together a range of tools which will enable SMEs to create or improve their Online presence, reach new customers, and overcome the challenges they faced to achieve their growth.

This program includes a welcome pack which gives access to a range of advantages and benefits such as mobile service, co-working space, and access to multiple MTN Business training tools. SMEs owners will benefit from

  1. Mobile services (MTN Pro Control)
  2. MTN Business Masterclass
  3. MTN Business Academy
  4. MTN Business Community Channel (available on ayoba).
  5. MTN Digital Hub
  6. Co-working Space
  7. Consultancy in Business Administration