MTN Cameroon and Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) have signed a strategic national network roaming agreement which will see Camtel expand 2G/3G and 4G coverage in areas of Cameroon which are not already covered by its network.

This is in line with the Cameroonian telecommunication ministry’s transformation objective, which includes initiatives to accelerate citizens’ participation in the digital economy in a cost-effective way. It is also aligned with MTN Group’s Ambition 2025 strategic intent of leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress.

One of MTN Group’s strategic priorities is to build the largest and most valuable platforms, including network as a service,” said MTN Group President and CEO Ralph Mupita. “The roaming agreement with the state-owned Camtel is a significant development in our work to deliver on this: we are excited to bring our world-class services closer to the people of Cameroon.

MTN Cameroon CEO, Stephen Blewett and Camtel CEO, Madam Judith Yah Sunday Achidi signed the agreement on Wednesday, 13 April 2022 at MTN Group’s head office in Johannesburg.

Camtel’s subscribers will benefit from access to MTN’s existing network infrastructure, which covers 97% of population with 2G, 90% with 3G and 70% with 4G, allowing Camtel to expand its geographic coverage for a significantly improved customer experience.

This agreement is a milestone for MTN Cameroon and is in line with our belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a connected life,” said Blewett.

Madam Achidi concurred: “We want to provide an environment where technology facilitates people’s daily lives, bringing them value wherever they are.”


MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation in Cameroon, is pleased to announce the handing over, on 7 April 2022, of a significant stock of medical equipment to the South-West Region to fight against the current cholera epidemic.

The donation was received during a ceremony at the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Public Health in Buea, in the presence of the Regional Delegate and his entourage as well as representatives of MTN Cameroon.

The stock provided to the Ministry of Public Health consists mainly of Ringer Lactate solutions, which is a sodium chloride composition administered as a drip to cholera patients to help them resist chronic dehydration that can lead to their death.

The drugs provided are for the relief teams of all the health districts supervised by the Regional Delegation.

“Faced with threats such as epidemics, the duty of solidarity  compels us all. And for more than 10 years of activity in Cameroon,  MTN Foundation has always responded. With this donation provided today, we hope that lives will be saved, and families will find a smile. This is also an opportunity to thank the medical staff for their dedication,” said Danielle Mbome Efoula, Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation.

This humanitarian aid operation is part of the support to national priorities, one of the areas recently approved by the MTN Foundation Board of Trustees during its session of 24 March 2022.

Another priority domain is the contribution to the development of a solid and impactful digital ecosystem to foster the empowerment of young people, notably women and access by the greatest majority to quality education.

MTN Foundation, very first corporate foundation in Cameroon has announced the adoption of its new action plan at the end of its Board of Trustees  meeting held on 24 March 2022 at the MTN Cameroon head office in Douala.

The meeting was headed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of  MTN Foundation, former Minister Sanda Oumarou, assisted by five (5) other Directors, namely Dr. Ruth Engo Bamela, Vice-Chairperson of the Board, Dr. Henriette Meilo and Mr. Alain Malong, all public figures on the one hand, and on the other hand, Mrs. Jacqueline Iyok-Egbe as well as Mr. Jean Melvin Akam, representatives of MTN Cameroon in the said Board.

On the agenda of the meeting were the evolution of the institution’s governance, presentation of the financial report for 2021 and adoption of an action plan in line with the new priorities of the MTN Group.

MTN Foundation’s action plan for 2022 gives pride of place to the digital transformation of the continent in line with the MTN Group’s Ambition 2025 strategy.

Following this repositioning, 60% of the 2022 budget will be dedicated to the key programme dubbed “Open the Digital World” dedicated to the development of a strong and impactful digital ecosystem to empower young people and women as well as provide access to quality education for all. Secondly, 30% of the budget will be dedicated to supporting national priorities and local development initiatives under the “Good Together” programme.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees  said he was satisfied with the quality of the discussions and density of the projects proposed. “It is important to remember that in an inclusive approach, MTN Foundation will work to enable communities to benefit from the advantages of a connected world. Because this is the duty of MTN, an African company born in Africa, to go beyond business to bring sustainable value to communities,” said Mr. Sanda Oumarou. “The implementation of these initiatives will certainly contribute to building an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society,” he concluded.

The implementation of the projects selected by the MTN Foundation will be the subject of specific communications in the coming weeks. Individuals and organisations with projects can continue to submit their projects to the Foundation via the following email address:

MTN, leader of the telecommunications sector in Cameroon, announced the pursued  deployment of MTN Fusion on 21 February 2022, on the sidelines of the Promote 2022 entrepreneurship fair in Yaounde.

MTN Fusion is a partnership development programme between MTN Cameroon, and companies initiated in 2019 with the aim of accelerating the digitalisation of the economy. For the year 2022, the objectives are first of all to consolidate the partnerships implemented since the initial launch of MTN Fusion.

There will also be discussions on the acceleration of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized local enterprises using innovative solutions such as MTN OneView as well as showcasing  the potential of the fruits of partnership such as the centralised monitoring solution for intercity passenger and freight transportation  in Cameroon.

“Digitalization offers opportunities that MTN Cameroon is turning into progress and notably all bringing value to the business world thanks to platforms such as MTN Fusion. Since 2019, for example, we have explored over a hundred partnership projects; over twenty companies are now partners; over a dozen products have been launched in the marketplace with over a hundred customers from all sectors of the economy. This also means lives saved on our road networks thanks to a Public and Private partnership,” explained Franck Gérard Kom, General Manager MTN Business. “With MTN Fusion, we will continue to accelerate the digitalisation of the economy while promoting business development to build a sustainable and beneficial ecosystem for all,” he promised.

Presenting the evolution of MTN Fusion will be on the agenda menu of a two-day exchange, on 23 and 24 February 2022, at the Promote 2022 business fair currently taking place in Yaounde.

The telecommunications leader will also use this opportunity to enable  its partners to share their various experience of collaborating with MTN.

In addition to plenary sessions, there shall be training workshops and Masterclasses to support entrepreneurs in developing their projects.

Brief Job Description:
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
The Internal Audit and Forensics Head is responsible to ensure all financial services internal audit, proactive fraud management review, investigation and internal Control-related activities are established, carried out and maintained according to Group Fintech and MTN Group Internal Audit and Forensics standards and global best practices, through applicable Internal Control frameworks (where applicable)
The Internal Audit and Forensics Head acts as the custodian and owner of the audit and forensics program in the OpCo. Assesses the organization’s risks and efficacy of its risk management efforts. Additionally, monitors compliance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements and regularly liaises with external auditors and other bodies to conduct audit of the organization. The role is required to evaluate internal control and make recommendations for improvement.
Detailed Job Description:
Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Lead the effective implementation of OpCo Internal Audit and Fraud Management charter, policy and strategy as informed by the MTN Group Internal Audit and Forensics charter, methodology and systems
  • Provide effective leadership, timely advice and consultation to the OpCo Management on internal processes and operations
  • Establish a competent and agile Internal Audit & Forensics function to service the OpCo assurance requirements in consultation with Group Internal Audit and Forensics
  • Ensure utilisation of the Group mandated GRC tools and systems and source ancillary supplementary tools as needed as approved by the Group function
  • Perform special audits on an ad-hoc basis as required by regulators, business line management, the Group or Opco Audit Committee
  • Lead and/or support specific audits to assess compliance with policies, procedures, and legal/regulatory requirements to identify and evaluate exposures and to correct defective processes
  • Evaluate the OpCo’s Risk Management and Governance processes and report on the effectiveness of these
  • Respond and effectively manage fraud, bribery and misconduct related investigations in line with the Group Fraud Policies and ensure remedial actions are taken regarding recoveries, control remediation and employee sanctioning.
  • Develop annual or multi annual risk-based internal audit and proactive fraud prevention plan in line with guidance provided by the Group function and regulation
  • Adhere to Group escalation and incident management principles regarding forensic and internal audit findings
  • Adhere to the system of management reporting requirements that provides timely and relevant information on all aspects of internal audit and forensics issues to OpCo Management and OpCo Audit Committee and the Group Internal Audit and Forensic function
  • Complete and timely provide, at least on a quarterly basis the internal audit & forensics report and recommendations for the Group Internal Audit and Forensic function as well as the Audit and Risk Committee to assess the OpCo financial controls and general state of the control environment, through adherence to Group Mandated templates and reporting criterion
  • Ensure the implementation of efficient processes for documenting all audit-related initiatives and activities in line with the guidance provided by the Group function
  • Implement and adhere to the Group Internal Audit and Forensic Quality Assurance Program
  • Assist with regional (i.e. outside the OpCo) audit and forensic activities where required

Supervisory, Leadership and Management

  • Source, induct and manage talent in accordance with HR policy and legislative directives
  • Continually develop a culture of strong collaboration and effective team working
  • Ensure open communication channels with staff and implement change management interventions when required
  • Provide definition of roles, responsibilities, individual goals and performance objectives for the team
  • Ensure skill transfer for staff development, motivation and business continuity
  • Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a training plan in order to build and develop skills within the team
  • Guide and direct suppliers and third parties in achieving Opco Internal Audit & Forensics objectives.
  • Promote a ‘Fintech centric’ and ‘partnership approach’ to develop strong relationships with other working groups and ensure adherence to Group governance.


  • Implement & execute policies, procedures and guidelines set forth by group IA and forensics team and ensure the team complies with the same
  • Implement governance to manage the consolidated OpCo IA and forensics strategy, budgets and financials, under direction from Group Internal Audit & Forensics
  • Deliver results under the guidance of the Group Internal Audit & Forensics, abiding by all the set directives and regularly reporting compliance
  • Participate in strategic meetings
  • Report on a bi-monthly / monthly basis to the Group Internal Audit & Forensics relating to progress made within the function and in accordance with the measurement metrics set by the Group
  • Report on an ad hoc basis on specific projects, as required.
Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Business Administration
  • Masters in Business Administration/Masters – is advantageous
  • Professional qualification in Auditing/Fraud Management/Risk Management/Accounting  i.e. CIA, ACFE, CISA, ACCA, CPA etc – preferred
  • Fluent in English and French.


  • A minimum of 7 years’ total experience in Internal Audit, Audit firm and/or Forensics required, with at least 2 years in a managerial role
  • Experience in Fintech, banking or financial services is preferred
  • Experience working in a global/multinational enterprise with a good understanding of emerging markets is advantageous.
Additional Details:

  • Sampling Techniques
  • Data Analytics
  • Forensic Investigative Analysis
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Process & Controls
  • Risk Rating & Mitigation
  • IA reporting & presentation
  • Audit Planning & Scoping
  • IT control frameworks
  • Financial Control Framework
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Accounting and financial procedures
  • Forensic auditing procedures
Skills and Behavioral Qualities

  • Strategy formulator
  • Analytical thinking and data interpretation
  • Conflict management
  • Results achiever and continuous improvement
  • Reporting and Presentation
  • Team management and Relationship building
  • Integrity and other ethical considerations
  • Accountable and Resilient
  • Culture & Change Champion


Email :

Deadline :  24 February 2022

Brief Job Description:
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
• Drive the identification and Ensure Compliance to internal processes and policies, applicable laws and regulations, in the Opco including MTN Compliance agendas
Detailed Job Description:
Staff Leadership and Management
– Coach and mentor direct reports to ensure staff motivation is high to achieve high performance areas.
– Ensure skill transfer for staff development, motivation and business continuity.
– Guide and direct suppliers and third parties in achieving Opco objectives.
– Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions.
– Manage team (including recruitment, on-boarding, attrition)
– Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation
– Set up appropriate structure to meet departmental management objectives
– Provide an advisory function on governance and best practices in client

Operational Delivery
– Implement MTN Group Compliance agenda and directives
– Relevant strategic input into and management of implementation of MTN Group’s Regulatory and Compliance agenda
– Input into Regulatory policies/regulations, legislative framework and future impact of new Regulatory policies and legislation – with a specific focus on compliance
– Ensure effective implementation of the MTN Group Strategy within Opco by means of providing direction, structure, frameworks, models, roadmaps and support to local teams within operations
– Implement MTN Group Compliance agenda and directives
– Relevant strategic input into and management of implementation of MTN Group’s Regulatory and Compliance agenda
– Input into Regulatory policies/regulations, legislative framework and future impact of new Regulatory policies and legislation – with a specific focus on compliance
– Ensure effective implementation of the MTN Group Strategy within Opco by means of providing direction, structure, frameworks, models, roadmaps and support to local teams within operations
– Understand the impact of potential changes driven by the local regulators, industry, marketplace, and/or legal environment and report these back to Opco management and Board
– Input into strategies for ensuring future compliance and mitigation of risk i.e. Material legislations, fines and reporting requirements for various regulators (also includes JSE)
– Monitor and report to Opco Board / Audit and Risk Committee on the compliance of best practice and processes within Opco structures
– Be up to date on all relevant compliance and regulatory requirements within the local Telecommunications Industry
– Ensure training to management on legislative requirements and appropriate compliance methodologies
– Actively collaborate with regional Compliance Officer
– Assist regional Compliance Officer to lobby key stakeholders to shape and change policy and draft legislation.

Job Requirements:
• Recognized 4-year tertiary qualification
• Fluent in English coupled with local language
• Admitted attorney / advocate / auditor will be an advantage

• Minimum of 5 years’ post qualification experience with at least 3 years in relevant sector/ industry
• 3 years of experience in Senior legal / accounting / audit position within a legal, audit, or accounting organization or as a Compliance Officer in a highly-regulated industry, preferably telecommunications or banking
• Experience of local Regulatory landscape

Other Specifications
• Proven track record of technical and specialized know-how around Regulatory and Compliance space
• Previous success in implementing organization-wide Regulatory and Compliance policies
• Abreast of local mindset & best practices relating to Regulatory and Compliance
• Be able to work under pressure in a fluid regulatory environment
• Strong written and communication skills
• Confident and assertive with a positive attitude

Additional Details:
• Ability to think innovatively and develop strong implementation plans for strategies to overcome complex business and industry challenges
• Proficient knowledge of the regulatory and compliance environments
• Organizational awareness
• Decision making processes
• Entrepreneurial approaches
• Knowledge of political, regulatory, and general economic conditions of appointed region
• Ability to manage government relationships
• Ability to manage teams
• Ability to align MTN Group standards to local regulatory environments
• Analytical
• Conflict management
• Continuous improvement
• Data interpretation
• Dealing with ambiguity
• Dealing with complexity
• Decision making
• Dispute resolution
• Flexible
• Leadership
• Negotiation
• People management
• Team collaboration
• Presentation Skills

Behavioral qualities:   
• Decisive Problem Solver
• Value Creator
• Culture and Change Translator
• Inspiring People Leader
• Stakeholder Influencer
• Innovator
• Result Achiever
• Adaptable
• Culturally aware
• Emotional maturity
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Leadership


Email :

Deadline :  22 February 2022

Brief Job Description:
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
• Leads the delivery of complex, critical and /or large-scale Technology projects/program/portfolio that typically affect many users and subscribers from inception, design, planning, implementation, testing and closure; on time, cost, within the defined scope and quality.
Detailed Job Description:
Staff Leadership and Management
– Ability to work in a team
– Responsible for self-learning and development with guidance from the Manager
– Ensure cohesive working with the CoE
– Accountable for meeting and prioritising own targets / deadlines
– Provide information to the Manager on work accomplishments, individual / team challenges
– Lead team meetings and contribute on specialist / technical areas when required
– Review performance metric dashboards prepared on various performance metics and provide input to the manager

Operational Delivery

Project Initiation
• Provide high-level input into the benefits, costs and available options in a business case
• Undertake a feasibility study to ensure all options are achievable
• Vendor management and Governance
• Create terms of reference which specify the project objectives and scope
• Articulate and negotiate consensus on a final vision of the core project goals from scoping the requirements of all stakeholders, including the project owner
• Source suitably skilled and qualified project team members – gather Project owner inputs regarding project team members
• Input into the Project Management Methodology for MTN
Project Planning
• Create a project plan, outlining the sequence of all activities and tasks in order to accomplish goals within constraints such as time, cost and agreed quality standards.
• Define all guidelines, quality targets, standards, assurance and control procedures – gather project owner inputs regarding quality targets and content guidelines
• Identify resources needed and schedule people, equipment and material resources within the project
• Produce a risk plan to identify and mitigate project risks, taking local conditions and competitor activity into account
• Document the acceptance criteria for each project deliverable
• Establish a clear communication plan for the project
• Liaise with Procurement to ensure proper provision of goods and services required
• Consider the long term (1-2 years) implications of the project outcome from a broader perspective
• Consider the impact of project outcomes on other areas of the business, as well as the interdependency of units

Project execution
• Ensure projects are delivered in line with the Project Management Methodology, project standards, and MTN strategy, in accordance to the business requirements and in conjunction with stakeholders
• Manage the day-to-day operational aspects of the project process and scope
• Provide expertise in the process specificities of the delivery of a particular project stream
• Ensure efficiency and flexibility in the management of resources (people, finances)
• Oversee the approval process for all project change requests
• Continuously monitor progress in terms of the status of the project plan. Resolve issues affecting the project, keeping all stakeholders properly informed
• Ensure execution of all content related activities – escalate if deliverables are not developed
• Oversee the construction of all project deliverables
• Gain acceptance from project owners for each deliverable produced
• Build and maintain solid relationships with all MTNC stakeholders
• Identify, record, analyse and manage potential and actual opportunities, issues and risks, taking corrective action by tackling day-to-day issues head on and reviewing how more serious issues and risks might impact on scope, schedule, quality and cost
• Manage the process of innovative change
• Anticipate and manage deviations from the project plan early, and keep all participants and stakeholders informed
• Revise project plans as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements
• Drive best practice, continuous improvement and innovation at process and procedure level
• Provide input into the project appraisal process, capturing and using relevant lessons learned
Information management / Reporting
• Collate and provide all relevant project documentation to the Project Support Office
• Ensures project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately
• Document a project closure report
• Provide constant status reports and feedback as to project delivery and support deliverables to project owners and other stakeholders
• Keep the project team well informed of changes within the organization and general corporate news
• Generate specific project-related reports as required by the business

Project Budget Management
• Assume ownership of and maintain the project budget. Optimize the budget to ensure delivery of the project remains within the defined budget
• Analyze project profitability
• Monitor project costs and determine initiatives to optimize resources. Ensure cost effectiveness by maximizing cost/benefit ratios
• Identify areas where money is lost and seek ways to reduce expenditure
Customer Satisfaction (internal)
• Understand customer needs and develop project plans accordingly
• Ensure customer needs and requirements are satisfied through appropriate systems / processes / procedures
• Put contingency plans in place to prevent delays and enhance the customer experience
• Adopt a proactive approach to prevent problems from arising in the future
• Identify trends / patterns pertaining to customer requests and needs to continually improve all aspects of service delivery

Job Requirements:
Minimum of first degree or Engineering diploma in Computer Science, Telecommunication, Information Technology/Systems or Project Management or related field from a reputable institution.
Fluent in French and English

Minimum of 5 years’ professional experience in managing large and complex enterprise projects with budget above 100 million XAF
Strong experience in developing and deploying project best practices, policies, procedures and processes
Experience in developing, implementing and evaluating business processes and procedures related the Technology projects.
Experience in supervising others is an advantage
Experience working in a medium organization

Training & Certifications
Project Management
Program Management
Portfolio Management
Demand Management
Network Rollouts ( Site build, Transmission Core and Power)
Mobile IN survey
GSM survey
GPRS survey
MS Project or similar tool
IT Financial Management
MS EPM / PPM Systems training
Project Management Certification
Program Management Certification

Additional Details:
Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBOOK or Prince 2 )
Telecommunications field and convergence services
Key players in telecom industry and technology trend
Very good knowledge of billing & charging services in GSM environment, VAS and data services
Good knowledge of Mobile Money services
ITIL standard
Specific knowledge of Telco applications architecture
Charging solutions knowledge
Strong IT quality and metrics insight in terms of technology and practice
Good understanding of organizational dynamics (how to effect change)
Customer centricity and Customer experience
Enterprise Security especially in application to the Mobile Money platform
Analytical Thinker
Problem Solver
Operational Value Creator
Culture and Change Champion
Supportive People Manager
Relationship Manager
Results Achiever
Operationally Astute

Behavioral Qualities
Directs people
Manages time


Email :

Deadline :  22 February 2022

The leader of the electronic communications sector will support FECAFOOT in the organisation of the best championship in Africa.

MTN, the leader of the Cameroonian electronic communications sector, has announced its return as sponsor of national football competitions. This announcement was made on Monday, February 7, 2022, in Yaounde, at the head office of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), in the presence of the MTN Group President & CEO, Ralph Mupita, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Cameroon, Stephen Blewett and new President of FECAFOOT, Samuel Eto’o.

MTN Cameroon is therefore committed to contributing to the development and modernisation of local football in Cameroon promoted by the new President of FECAFOOT, Samuel Eto’o.

Explaining MTN’s return to sponsoring local football, Stephen Blewett, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Cameroon said: “Football is in the DNA of every Cameroonian. At MTN Cameroon, we love football. We love this country. We are convinced that we must participate in the growth of football in Cameroon. Today, the conditions are right for MTN’s return; we have beautiful sports infrastructures and a management team that is committed to a more professional organisation of national competitions. Our return to football is the beginning of a new day and we are very proud of this comeback.

For the MTN Group, the contribution to the organisation of local competitions will enable MTN Cameroon to be even closer to its customers, all of whom are football lovers. “We connect Cameroonians with our communication services. We also enable them to carry out their financial transactions through Mobile Money. Our subscribers have in common their passion for football. We cannot be close to them without supporting football,” said Ralph Mupita, MTN Group President & CEO, during his stay in Cameroon.

The return of MTN to Cameroonian football comes at the right time for the President of FECAFOOT. “I could not embark on this adventure without this beautiful face of Africa which MTN embodies,  because MTN represents African success. It is important that we support each other, and that Africans show, they can do beautiful things. Thank you, MTN, for supporting us,” said Samuel Eto’o.

The President of FECAFOOT expects a lot from this new partnership. “We are men of challenge. We therefore have the duty to organise the best championship in Africa. To show the example, as MTN has already demonstrated. I wish that  our championship is the best. May the players who will take part in this championship be able to say that finally this a dream come true,” says Samuel Eto’o.

In the past, MTN massively  invested in the development of local Cameroonian football between 2002 and 2018, by supporting the national First and Second Division championships, the Cameroon Cup and in building beautiful sports infrastructures in the localities of Mbouda in the West Region and Guider in the North Region.

Brief Job Description:
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
The Manager Forecasting, Planning & Budget leads and directs planning and assessment of OpCos’ business and financial performance. The role leads consolidation and reporting of OpCo’s financial performance to senior management on a periodic basis. When required, the role highlights deviations from expected performance and assists in deep diving to find root causes for the same. The role also supports internal and external audit activities, when required. The role leads the following work areas:
– Forecasting and budgeting
– Financial consolidation and reporting
Detailed Job Description:
Operational Delivery
Sub-Functional Leadership:
As the sub-functional leader of the Corporate Performance Management vertical, the role is accountable to:
– Align the results of the vertical, collectively and as individual work areas in the OpCo, ensuring that the Group guidelines are duly complied with
– Measure the impact and benefit of the sub-function to OpCo and report the true-value metrics. Drive continuous improvement across all verticalsDelivery Leadership:
As the delivery leader of the Corporate Performance Management vertical, the role is accountable for the following work area outcomes:
Strategy & Analytics, Budgeting, Data and Reporting
– Implement and execute policies, procedures and guidelines cascaded by the functional lead and ensure the team complies with the same
– Comply with the set governance mechanisms, under supervision from the functional lead and ensure team does the same
– Cascade the Group Fintech budget, analytics and reporting framework in the sub-function, under direction from the CFO
– Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of Corporate Performance Management and propose and offer suggestions for improvements
Corporate Performance Management Operations
– Support overall financial success of OpCo through financial planning and analysis, budgeting, revenue modeling and scenario modelling
– Manage and drive the Forecasting and budgeting for the Opco
– Manage the business planning and reporting cycles
– Ensure adherence to Group DigiFin Finance frameworks, guidelines and reporting requirements
– Oversee and implement financial consolidation & period end activities in line with the frameworks established by Group DigiFin Finance
– Manage intercompany transactions and account types to be used to account for intercompany transactions
– Review and manage the consolidation of financial results (financial and non-financial information) for monthly, quarterly and annual results as well as forecast, high level budgets and business plans
– Lead and deliver strategic insights and analysis to advise business strategy and decision making; measure and evaluate business performance; supervise progress on key initiatives; benchmarking
– Supervise monthly and annual management reporting activities by providing actual to budget analyses and timely insights on operational highlights affecting future business decision making issues
– Review & Prepare internal financial reports for Exco, Board and Audit Committee including monthly, quarterly, and annual results as well as forecast, high level budgets and business plans
– Lead the development, tracking and analysis of sensitivities around the Opco’s 3 to 5 year financial forecast, under supervision from the group
– Support the tracking and communication of strategic investments, their impact on financial performance and execution status, locally within the OpCo
– Provide management key performance indicator consolidation including company-wide alignment on measurement standards.
– Dive into financial data and becoming a subject matter expert on the key drivers, regulatory structures applicable to the OpCo
– Support in internal and external audit programmes, providing relevant data from a business performance standpoint
– Where required, escalate unsolvable issues to CFO in a timeous manner
– Other tasks and duties, as assigned

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities
– Accountable for the morale, performance, and development of the function’s human capital
– Cascade and socialize work structure processes to enable adoption by the team
– Coach and mentor direct reports
– Ensure assigned team is led, motivated, and rewarded to achieve KPA’s
– Ensure that coaching / mentoring programs and personal development plans are in place for all staff members
– Ensure effective management of diversity among personnel in the function
– Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions, in collaboration with HR
– Motivate and manage individuals to perform at the highest level, especially in terms of delivery and meeting target deadlines
– Possess the authority, presence, and integrity to command respect from colleagues and from external contacts
– Provide career development for direct reports (counselling, coaching, identifying key performance areas, career planning, and goal setting), in collaboration with HR

Job Requirements:
– A Degree in Finance or Accounting, management or related field
– Chartered Accountant
– Relevant post graduate qualification is an advantageExperience
– A minimum of 4 to 6 years’ total experience in a similar position with at least 2 years in a managerial role
– Experience in finance or finance operations related roles in a telecom or financial services environment
– Experience in Financial Consolidation & Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis
– Experience in Fintech, banking or Financial Services is preferred
– Experience working in a global/multinational enterprise with a good understanding emerging markets is preferred
Additional Details:
Skills/ competencies:   
– Relationship/people management
– Analytical thinking
– Continuous improvement
– Data interpretation
– Delivery focused
– Presentation
– Relationship building
– Financial Planning & Analysis
– Financial Reporting
– Financial Consolidation
– Consolidation systems (Hyperion Financial Management preferred)
– Financial accounting
– Period end & Closing
– GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
– IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
– Listing Requirements
– Corporate Governance


Email :

Deadline :  09 February 2022