MTN Foundation, within the context   of its Y’ello Hope initiative, will provide protective equipment to some of the most exposed communities across the 10 regions of Cameroon.


Douala, 01 June 2020.  MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation created in Cameroon, announces the launch of an initiative dubbed ”Y’ello Hope” to enhance MTN’s contribution to the national response against the spread of Covid-19. The announcement was made to the press on Friday, 29 May 2020 at an unprecedented digital press conference in Cameroon, where MTN Foundation officials, journalists and bloggers from Yaounde and Douala were able to interact in strict compliance with the barrier measures.

The activities of the Y’ello Hope initiative will be deployed in the form of a caravan that will cover all the 10 regions of Cameroon, for 21 days, starting Monday 1 June 2020, in lieu of the 21 Days of Y’ello Care, traditional volunteer programme by MTN employees,  suspended this year due to the restrictive measures imposed by the coronavirus health crisis.

The Y’ello Hope caravan will provide protective equipment to some of the most vulnerable communities notably medical staff, teachers, municipality employees, call-box operators, media professionals, etc. Members of these communities will receive, among other things, disinfection equipment, approved and washable face masks, hydro-alcoholic solutions as well as other medical equipment.

In prelude to the launch of the caravan proper, MTN Foundation organised a digital awareness concert on Saturday 30 May 2020, in association with the Stanley Enow Foundation. In addition to the world-class artist Stanley Enow, other renowned Cameroonian artists such as Tenor, Locko and Salatiel took to the stage to deliver awareness messages and bring comfort to the people.

Pending the discovery and availability of a vaccine, compliance with barrier measures remains the best solution to stop the spread of the virus. MTN Foundation wishes to contribute to this, by enabling thousands of Cameroonians to protect themselves and others,” says Jean-Melvin Akam, Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus health crisis in Cameroon, MTN has been at the forefront of the national response plan. Notably, the company has contributed significantly to the intensification of awareness campaigns. MTN Cameroon’s network, technologies and digital platforms have been made available to the Ministry of Public Health to disseminate prevention and awareness messages on the MTN network. Nearly 350 million awareness SMS messages have been sent to MTN subscribers since March.

MTN Cameroon also facilitates communication for health personnel involved in operations to combat the spread of Covid-19. Three hours of free communication are thus offered every day to nurses, doctors, laboratory workers, hygiene and cleanliness personnel involved in the fight against coronavirus according to the lists transmitted by the Ministry of Public Health.

At the same time, the company has suspended fees on MTN Mobile Money transactions; MTN Cameroon provides pupils and students free access to online educational resources; the company reinforces the skills of entrepreneurs, free of charge, in these difficult times; it offers  the vast majority of its staff  the opportunity to work remotely, and  has adapted several of its offers to the needs of users in confinement. These are all measures that help reduce travel, curb the use of cash, lessen contact and overall, limit the risk of spreading the virus.

We are living a critical moment in the life of humanity which requires active solidarity. Solidarity has always been part of MTN’s identity. In the specific case of Covid-19, at MTN, we have the deep conviction that, together we can succeed. The Y’ello Hope initiative is our way of bringing ourselves together including Cameroonian communities, and managing this crisis together,” concludes the Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation.

MTN Foundation announces that, it is providing free access to websites and other digital platforms dedicated to education from MTN’s network in Cameroon.

This initiative, which is part of the national response to the spread of covid-19, will enable pupils, students and teachers to access the educational resources they need, without consuming their airtime or internet bundles, at this time when schools and universities have shut down.

The list of relevant platforms is available on MTN Cameroon’s website at This list includes local and international platforms and will evolve according to the demands of learners and institutions.

Free access to educational platforms enriches the measures taken by MTN Foundation as part of the national response to covid-19. In agreement with the Ministry of Public Health, MTN Foundation supports the ”National Response Operational Plan against covid-19 in Cameroon 2020”, through the intensification of awareness, facilitation of communications by health personnel and assistance in the establishment of testing centers.

MTN Global Yello Care Day: Drugs and violence amongst youths in Cameroon at the centre of discussions at the National Assembly

The CEO of MTN Cameroon led a powerful delegation to the National Assembly on the occasion of the conference-debate organized by the company on Thursday, 20 June  2019, under the theme “Drugs and violence amongst youths in Cameroon”.

Chaired by the Right Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, Speaker of the National Assembly, this action falls within the framework of our 21 Days of Yello Care social programme, notably the MTN Global Yello Care Day, which focuses on the causes that affect youths. In total, 300 social stakeholders (pupils, students, young MPs, parents, teachers, etc.) will participate in the activities led by experts, who will facilitate the various discussion panels. Through this meeting, MTN Cameroon intends to contribute to the various ongoing initiatives promoted at the highest level of the State by the President of the Republic, who has created an Inter-Ministerial Committee against the cultivation, marketing and consumption of narcotics.

The Ministries of Posts and Telecommunications, Secondary Education, Public Health, Social Affairs, Youth and Civic Education among others, took part in the deliberations as partners of the event.

This event also includes the organization of a hackathon, application development competition, which will allow young developers representing several universities and higher education institutions to demonstrate their creative ingenuity in the field of digital innovation for the benefit of our youth. 


MTN Cameroon employees commit to youth empowerment through the annual volunteerism program “21 Days of #YelloCare”

MTN Cameroon, leader of the electronic communications sector in Cameroon announces the launch of the 13th edition of the annual 21 Days of Y’ello Care program which will run from 1-21 June. This year, the Y’ello Care campaign will once again focus on Youth Empowerment under the theme “Creating a Brighter Future for our Youth”. For 21 days, MTN employees in all 21 operations of the Group will give back to their communities by implementing impactful social projects in their localities.

 Here in Cameroon, MTN staff have chosen to realize several projects Nationwide that will benefit the youths, particularly those with disabilities, and address the problem of drug abuse which is today a national priority area by Government.

 The first project which seeks to empower persons with disabilities will result in the construction of a modern multidisciplinary skills enhancement training center for trades based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Essengue, Douala for vulnerable youths in support of the association “Donnons-nous la main”. This facility will be used for the training of handicapped persons on various jobs such as Office automation, Infographics, Video development, Community management etc. to enable them to be gainfully employed and fend for themselves with dignity. Several other associations working with people with disabilities will be supported by MTNers Nationwide such as:

  • ISDA, a specialized institute for the hard of hearing, Garoua, North region
  • “L’Excellence de Sabongari” training center, Ngaoundere, Adamawa region
  • Ferme Ecole de Kaigama, Bertoua, East region
  • Blessing Associates for Women and Children, Kumba, South-West region
  • MOHCAM Mother of Hope Cameroon, Bamenda, North-West region
  • Maison St Damien Et Camille De Bafoussam, Bafoussam, West region
  • Centre Adaima Kalkal, Maroua, Far North region
  • Centre social Bobine d’Or, Yaounde, Centre region

The 2019 program will climax on 20 June, which has been dubbed “MTN Day” with a conference to raise national awareness on the ills of drug abuse by the youths. This event will also include the organization of a hackathon, an application development challenge, which will enable young developers representing several Universities and institutions of higher learning to showcase their creative ingenuity in the domain of digital innovation at the service of our youths.

 Commenting on the Y’ello Care program, MTN Cameroon CEO, Hendrik Kasteel, states that: “As a future-focused organization, MTN instituted the 21 Days of Y’ello Care program as far back as 2007 to provide employees with a platform to make a sustainable difference in the lives of members of our communities on an annual basis above and beyond the activities of our Foundation and the work we do daily to provide simple, accessible and affordable solutions to millions of people and businesses. Since we believe at MTN that everyone deserves the benefits of modern connected life, the 21 Days program has become a revered rendez-vous; giving back is part of our DNA! We’re passionate about our 2019 projects and truly hope that they’ll add value to the lives of the beneficiaries. In addition, by focusing on the ills of drug abuse which is plaguing our society, we want to support Government’s laudable actions in this domain and further enlighten the youths, tomorrow’s leaders, on the negative effect of this vice, not only to themselves, but their family, communities and the Nation”.

 The dedication of employees to sustainably change lives with the heart has resulted in the recognition of MTN Cameroon as the best Y’ello Care operation within the MTN Group. Thanks to the quality of the projects implemented by MTN Cameroon staff, the operation won the Group President and CEO overall Y’ello Care award and a cash prize of USD100.000 in 2012, 2013 and 2015. The company also won the West and Central Africa President award and USD30.000 cash prize in 2016 and 2017. All of this money is reinvested by MTN Cameroon employees in social projects within their communities.

 Key achievements since 2012 by MTN Cameroon employees include the:

  • The building of 06 primary schools with a total of 22 classrooms
  • Construction and equipment of a science laboratory in Government High School Bobongo, Douala (2017)
  • Construction of a guest home for teachers in Government High School, Manoka, Littoral (2014)
  • Equipment of 07 libraries in municipalities across the country
  • Payment of school fees (entire primary cycle) of 2100 young girls in the Far North (2013)
  • Donation of telecommunications equipment to universities (2018)

Come 1 June, MTN employees will be able to care with the heart and spread a lot of Y’ello love.