Structural reorganization


MTN Cameroon announces a structural reorganization of its operational teams to better serve its partners

MTN Cameroon, leader of the telecommunications market in Cameroon, announces the structural reorganization of its operational teams in a bid to enhance its efficiency, become more customer-centric, and ensure future growth.

Within a rapidly changing telecommunications industry, MTN Cameroon needs to readjust its operational model in order to reinforce its competitiveness. With this structural reorganization, the company is transforming into a more agile organization focused on two main objectives: 1- better serve and satisfy an increasingly demanding customer base who seeks more performing services; 2- be at the forefront of technological innovations needed by the Digital Economy in Cameroon.

In effect, the reorganization needs a change of the structure within the company’s operational teams. In addition, framing down the organization by 10% was required to assure focus and executional excellence.  MTN Cameroon effectuated the redundancy within the ambit of Cameroonian legislature, under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and in collaboration with Employee Delegates and Unions.

MTN Cameroon thanks the Government who permitted and accompanied this reorganization, which was indispensable for MTN to maintain its role as a key partner in the development of telecommunications and Digital Economy in Cameroon. The company also remains committed to providing Cameroonians with simple, innovative and affordable solutions that meet their communication needs and make their lives brighter.

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