MTN Cameroon is recruiting an Occupational Physician


MTN Cameroon is recruiting an Occupational Physician for the health follow-up of its employees in Douala.

In charge of medical advice and monitoring of all medical concerns of employees, the Occupational Physician will be responsible for the following duties :

  1. Organizing and coordinating annual routine medical check-ups and possible vaccination campaigns for employees.
  2. Conducting employee awareness campaigns on infectious diseases on the basis of a programme developed annually and approved by MTN Cameroon.
  3. Ensuring the coordination of internal health programmes on the basis of a predefined annual action plan approved by the Management of MTN Cameroon (campaigns on chronic diseases, HIV-AIDS, awareness-raising, screening, treatment, etc.)
  4. Following up employees’ medical records and giving a formal opinion on the work of sick employees.
  5. Coordinating emergency and evacuation procedures within or out of the country.
  6. Ensuring the verification of medical expense reimbursement files according to the procedure in force.
  7. Providing appropriate support and advice for all the medical concerns of employees.
  8. Acting as interface and facilitator between employees, locally-based medical structures and the public administration on health issues.
  9. Producing a monthly report on the health status of the entire staff in the region to be transmitted to the Department of Human Resources of MTN Cameroon.
  10. Assessing occupational risks.
  11. Contributing towards drafting the health and safety “single document” of MTN Cameroon.

Nature of the contract: Part-time Occupational Physician


Doctor of Medicine specialized in Occupational Medicine, registered with the Cameroon Medical Council and holder of a license to practice in companies granted by the Ministry of Labour.

Be able to work as a team, rigorous, available and professional with at least 5 years of experience as Occupational Physician.

The Douala-based Occupational Physician shall work in collaboration with Physicians of the various Regions and Department of Human Resources.

Documents to provide: CV, cover letter, certificates, license to practice in a company granted by the Ministry of Labour and references.

Email :

Deadline : 23 February 2021

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