MTN celebrates 20 years of contributing to the development of Cameroon


Created in February 2000, the Cameroonian subsidiary of the South African giant has established itself as an essential partner of Cameroon for the construction of its telecommunications infrastructure and socio-economic development. 

MTN Cameroon, leader in the Electronic Communications sector in Cameroon announces the launch of activities marking the celebration of its 20 years of activity in the country at a press conference in Douala. 20 years during which MTN has particularly contributed to making mobile telephony a growth engine and development tool for Cameroon.

MTN Cameroon was created on 15 February 2000, following the acquisition by the South African Group, MTN, of the State-owned operator, CAMTEL Mobile. The new company was set up with the mission of offering Cameroonians simple, innovative and accessible solutions to meet their communication needs.

In 20 years, MTN Cameroon has turned the telephone from a luxury item reserved for a privileged class into a mass object enabling Cameroonians to communicate easily. Today 9.5 out of 10 Cameroonians live within range of the MTN network which covers more than 7,400 localities across the country.  MTN’s network had 10 million subscribers at 31 December 2019, against less than 5,000 subscribers at the time CAMTEL Mobile was privatized in February 2000. MTN Cameroon has thus contributed to opening up some of the most remote areas of the country, strengthening bonds between Cameroonians and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

The deployment of MTNs has also enabled to mobilize significant resources for the national economy and State finance. Between 2000 and 2019, MTN Cameroon has invested close to FCFA 1,000 billion for its activities in Cameroon, being the most considerable volume of investment ever realized by a private company in the country. The company has also been one of the largest taxpayers, with 1,226 billion francs CFA paid since 2000 into government coffers as taxes and royalties owed.

At the social level, MTN Cameroon has created a thousand direct jobs while its activity has developed a network of subcontracting and distribution SMEs whose workforce is estimated at more than 200,000 people. Other sectors of national life, notably the sports and cultural sectors, benefit greatly from the dynamism of MTN Cameroon. The company has also invested heavily through its foundation, the MTN Foundation, for noble causes: education, health, the environment, access to potable water and rural development.

Overall, for the past 20 years, MTN has been helping to bring modernity, progress and wealth to Cameroon and Cameroonians. At a point where observers agree to see MTN Cameroon as a great Cameroonian success story; the greatest success of the privatization policy led by the Cameroonian Government since 1995.

The celebration of MTN Cameroon’s 20th anniversary will be marked by commemorative events. This is an opportunity for the company to thank its customers and Cameroonians who have enabled the Company to sustainably set up in Cameroon and grow its business. The celebration is also an opportunity for MTN to reaffirm its commitment to offer Cameroon and Cameroonians the best they rightfully expect from the development of Electronic Communications.

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