MTN Cameroon supports the 3rd edition of the Cameroon Bloggers Summit


The Cameroon Bloggers Association held its 3rd summit from 11 to 13 November 2021 in Yaounde. An event under the theme “Blogging and Digital Citizenship”, to which MTN Cameroon responded as a partner. The partnership in question enabled the leader of the telecommunications sector in Cameroon to support the largest gathering of bloggers in Central Africa.

Firstly, high-speed Wi-Fi internet was offered to the over one hundred participants during the three days summit to enable them to broadcast to the whole world their deliberations via livestreaming and posts on the various digital communication platforms.

Then there were prizes for participants who distinguished themselves by their hard work in the organizing committee of the event or their activities on social media. They received modems for better access to the indomitable network, airtime and .cm domain names.

The participants also received internet access equipment, domain names and phones that are now part of the Cameroon Bloggers Association’s heritage.

Finally, MTN Cameroon associated with the Expanded Vaccination Programme for the organization of  the MTN Hackathon. The theme of the competition was “How to digitalise the immunization offer in Cameroon – Case of the Expanded Vaccination Programme.” Representatives of the fifteen teams each took their turn before the jury composed of representatives of the Expanded Vaccination Programme, the Cameroon Bloggers Association, the African Development Bank and MTN Cameroon.

The Access Vacc, Smart Health and E-Vax projects came first, second and third, respectively. All the members of these teams received phones, modems, and airtime and domain names from MTN Cameroon.

Regarding the projects presented, “everyone’s work was appreciated. I note that there is a real need to make available educational information on vaccines to the population, inform them on our locations, the content of our services and above all, create interactivity with the population. Digitalization is very important for this last point,” commented Dr Shalom Ndoula, First Secretary of the Expanded Vaccination Programme.

“We are proud to be always close to the communities and especially provide them our support. As a digital transformation catalyst in Cameroon, it is our duty to contribute to the use of technology for development,” said the representative of MTN Cameroon at the end of the third edition of the Cameroon Bloggers’ Summit. He also congratulated the participants of the hackathon with a special word for the teams on the podium: “For those who are not first, second or third, you have not failed; tell yourself notably that, you have learned, and you will have other opportunities to put this learning into practice.


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