What is Yabadoo

Yabadoo is a mobile application that lets you watch your favorite TV programs on your smartphone without using your Internet bundle. Besides live TV, you can also watch a rich catalog of movies and series on demand (Action, Adventure, Animation, Thriller, Comedy, Drama and romance…).

How to Start?

Once the app is installed, register with your phone number and start exploring Yabadoo catalog of TV bouquets and series/movies! Just download for free : Google Play for AndroidApp Store for iPhone.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe to a content, just click on it and confirm your choice. Your airtime will be then debited of the subscription amount and you will automatically have access to your contents.

Offers and pricing

Your internet bundle is not debited when you use Yabadoo and you pay only to access contents (TV bouquets or on-demand movies/series).

BundleTV channelsOffers
Bouquet SportsCRTV Sports, Sports TV, StadAfric, Football TV / English 50F for 1 day
200F for 7 days
650F for 30 days
Le trio DecouverteSTV, Canal2Movies, Equinoxe TV 50F for 1 day
200F for 7 days
650F for 30 days
Le trio des débatsVision 4, STV, Afrique Media 50F for 1 day
200F for 7 days
650F for 30 days
Le trio du divertissementNina Novelas, Canal2Movies, Boom TV 50F for 1 day
250F for 7 days
850F for 30 days
Le trio de l’infoEquinoxe TV, Canal 2 International, CRTV 50F for 1 day
200F for 7 days
650F for 30 days
« Découverte »Equinoxe TV, Canal 2 movies, CRTV, Vision 4, Afrique Media, Boom TV, Canal 2 International, STV, Africa News Français, TV5 Monde Afrique. 24/7 TV 100F for 1 day
500F for 7 days
1500F for 30 days
« English »Equinoxe TV, CRTV, Canal 2 English, Sports TV English, African Series Zone English, Africa News English, Fashion TV, One TV, Cartoon TV English, Football TV English, Russia Today, Russia Today Documentary, Deutsche Welle, Gossip English 100F for 1 day
500F for 7 days
1500F for 30 days
« Kids and Youth »Animation Films Jeunesse, Mangas TV, Tivi5 Monde, Cartoon TV, Boom TV, Sweet Radio Vision, Fun Series Zone. 100F for 1 day
500F for 7 days
1500F for 30 days
« News »Equinoxe TV, CRTV News, Vision 4, Afrique Media, Canal 2 international, STV, Africa News Français, StadAfric, France 24, TV5 Monde Afrique. 24/7 TV 150F for 1 day
700F for 7 days
1800F for 30 days
« Entertainment »Vox Africa, Africa Series Zone, Movies News, Gossip, Fun Series Zone, Sweet Radio Vision, Sports TV, Canal 2 Movies, TV5 Monde Style, Nina TV 150F for 1 day
700F for 7 days
1800F for 30 days
GoldAll TV channels.50F for 1 day
2000F for 7 days
5000F for 30 days

On-demand movies and series: Subscriber can rent series and movies for a defined period:  

Rental of one movie for 1 week350F
Series (1 season) rental for 1 week500F
Series (1 season) rental for 1 month1500F

New contents are uploaded regularly to keep the platform fresh and attractive for you.

Download Yabadoo now  Google Play for AndroidApp Store for iPhone and start enjoying! Get a promo: Free movie every Wednesday! Until December 2019, MTN offers you a free movie every Wednesday! Follow us on social networks or download Yabadoo app (Android, iPhone) to not miss the movie we will offer you.




What is Facebook Flex

Facebook Flex is a version of Facebook that allows you to connect to Facebook for free, without any charges on your main account or your internet bundle. With Facebook Flex, you can read publications, comment, share and chat on Messenger with your friends without being charged.


How does the Service Work?


Facebook flex is Facebook’s “free mode” that gives you free access to all contents on your favorite social network except for photos and videos. However, you can access it simply by switching to “paid mode”. At this time, your main account or internet bundle will be charged. To switch from “free mode” to “paid mode” and vice versa, you just need one click. If you do not have Facebook application installed on your phone, dial *222# and follow the link that you will receive via SMS.



Facebook flex for who?


Facebook Flex is for everyone who browses on MTN Cameroon network. Facebook Flex works even on basic phones and on all new MTN SIMs.

What is MTN GAME+

MTN Game+ is a service that allows you to download and play mobile games on your phones and devices that can connect to the internet. This service offers you different categories of games among which you can choose and enjoy a unique digital experience (available as mobile platform and Android application). As a subscriber, you are automatically eligible.  

How does it Work

You can access MTN Game+ via the mobile portal at this adress: https://m.mtngame.cm. On this portal, you can download games, subscribe to the service or download the Android Game+ application. You can also access Game+ by SMS by sending the appropriate keywords to 8773 (see below). You will then receive the subscription notification and link to download the Android app. Depending on your keyword sent, you will have access to the service for 1 day, 7 days or 30 days. For the first subscription, you have 3 days of free access, and you are charged only at the end of the trial period.

PlanKeyword to be sent by SMSPeriod
DailyGAME11 Day
WeeklyGAME27 Days
MonthlyGAME330 Days

You can also subscribe via the mobile portal (https://m.mtngame.cm) by clicking on the link “Join the club”. You will choose among the 3 subscription cycles.

How Much does it cost?

ValidityPrice (FCFA)

Your data account is debited when you upload a game. When you do not have a data account, you are charged from your main account for all downloads. Purchases made within the application are charged from the main account.


What is MTN MUSIC+

MTN Music + is a mobile App for Music streaming & download service that will host audio music contents, both local and international of different genres (Hip Hop, R&B, Makossa, Gospel, etc).

How does it Work

When you send the appropriate keyword to 8400, you are subscribed to the service and receive a link to download the MTN Music+ App. And guess what: you will receive free data of defined volumes when they subscribe to either the daily, weekly, or monthly bundles of the service.

Keywords -Local Contents135
Keywords -International Contents246

How Much does it cost?

Content CategorySubscription PackageSubscription Fee (FCFA)Allocated data bonus
Local ContentsDaily (with 3 days free trial)10030MB
International ContentsDaily25030MB





MTN Shortz  are not like TV channels, it is a platform that has a selection of videos on the same topic: comedy, cinema, football, cooking recipes, women tips (beauty, hair, fashion…) and more. On Shortz, you can find the best Cameroonian comedies as well as individual comedians, latest updates on sports, cooking recipes and even fashion tips.On shortz,  you can find a minimum of 20 videos in each channel. Also, New videos are added weekly.


What is the cost?

MTN Shortz work on a basis of subscription. To subscribe, From the menu of the MTN Shortz platform, go to All Channels, then select a channel and click on the “subscribe” button. To know more and access this platform, visit MTN Shortz

Subscription to MTN Shortz  cost 99F and are valid for 24 hours.   There is not a charge to watch one video, once you pay 99F for subscription it is for access to all videos in that channel. To access a video, you need first to subscribe to the channel this video belongs to, then you can watch that video and all other videos in that channel. After subscribing to a channel, you can watch all videos in that channel.