MTN Home is your new internet offer for the whole house. From 15000 F per month, enjoy a fast and flexible connection, with a customer service at your disposal.

To activate the 4G LTE Turbo, you need:

A 4G SIM Card

  • You can change your old MTN SIM for a new 4G SIM, while keeping your contacts and your number.

A 4G compatible device

  • 4G compatible devices are available at our partner agencies and stores at all price ranges. You can either
 Choose your 4G Device


  • Network Coverage

You can take advantage of the 1st 4G LTE Turbo network in Cameroon in the 10 regions precisely in the following cities:

  1. Adamawa: Ngaoundere, Ngaoundal, Meiganga
  2. Centre: Mbalmayo, Mbankomo, Mbedoumou, Memiam, Nanga Eboko, Nkolnda, Nomayos, Nsimalen, Obala, Obout, Soa, Yaounde.
  3. East: Batouri, Bertoua, Garoua Boulai.
  4. Far North: Kaele, Kousseri, Maroua, Salak, Waza.
  5. Littoral: Douala, Edea, Manoka, Mbambu, Nkongsamba, Souza, Yabassi.
  6. North: Garoua, Guidjiba, Wani Banda.
  7. North-West: Bambili, Bamenda, Kumbo.
  8. West: Bafang, Bafoussam, Bana, Bandjoun, Banekane, Bangangte, Dschang, Foumban, Mbouda.
  9. South-West: Buea, Kumba, Limbe, Mile4, Mutenguene, Tiko.
  10. South:Campo, Ebolowa, Kribi, Kye Ossi, Meyomessala, Mvoutessi, Nkout, Nkpwang, Sangmelima.

Now with MTN, you have total control of your airtime. When your data bundle runs out, your airtime remains.

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