MTN Home is your new internet offer for the whole house. From 15000 F per month, enjoy a fast and flexible connection, with a customer service at your disposal.

Talk is cheap and international calls are even cheaper. At MTN, international calling bundles always give the lowest rates to stay in touch with your loved ones or business around the world. Enjoy the best-quality network at low, low, low rates.

To activate an international calling bundle, dial the code *123*13#
To check your balance, dial *123*13*99#

You can call towards the following countries:  Nigeria, China, India, United States, Canada, Germany,France,Italy,Malaysia,Bangladesh,South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, Israel, Bahrain, Benin, Ghana, Niger.


GroupDestinationsBundle price (XAF)Allocated minutesValidity
400524 Hours
500724 Hours
1,500207 Days
2,5003030 Days
Europe Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Romania, Poland, Denmark 500524 Hours
1000103 Day
2000207 Days
Asia & Australia China, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Australia 5003024 Hours
1000753 Days
2000200 7 Days
West Africa Benin, Ghana, Niger

7503 24 Hours
1,00047 Days
1,5007 30 Days
Middle East
United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel, Bahrain

500524 Hours
1,000103 Days
2,000207 Days
United States of America
United States , Canada
3005024 Hours
500100 3 Days
1000250 7 Days

MTN MEGA PROMO is the new SMS Quiz launched by MTN Cameroon, which allows you to win up to 5,000,000 FCFA from 08 November to 08 December.

To activate the 4G LTE Turbo, you need:

A 4G SIM Card

  • You can change your old MTN SIM for a new 4G SIM, while keeping your contacts and your number.

A 4G compatible device

  • 4G compatible devices are available at our partner agencies and stores at all price ranges. You can either
 Choose your 4G Device


  • Network Coverage

You can take advantage of the 1st 4G LTE Turbo network in Cameroon in the 10 regions precisely in the following cities:

  1. Adamawa: Ngaoundere, Ngaoundal, Meiganga
  2. Centre: Mbalmayo, Mbankomo, Mbedoumou, Memiam, Nanga Eboko, Nkolnda, Nomayos, Nsimalen, Obala, Obout, Soa, Yaounde.
  3. East: Batouri, Bertoua, Garoua Boulai.
  4. Far North: Kaele, Kousseri, Maroua, Salak, Waza.
  5. Littoral: Douala, Edea, Manoka, Mbambu, Nkongsamba, Souza, Yabassi.
  6. North: Garoua, Guidjiba, Wani Banda.
  7. North-West: Bambili, Bamenda, Kumbo.
  8. West: Bafang, Bafoussam, Bana, Bandjoun, Banekane, Bangangte, Dschang, Foumban, Mbouda.
  9. South-West: Buea, Kumba, Limbe, Mile4, Mutenguene, Tiko.
  10. South:Campo, Ebolowa, Kribi, Kye Ossi, Meyomessala, Mvoutessi, Nkout, Nkpwang, Sangmelima.