MTN’s commitment to Cameroonian youths continues with the MTN Youth Internship Programme (YiP) initiative, which aims at contributing to enhance their skills. Through this programme, MTN proposes to complete the academic training of young Cameroonians by providing them with a first professional experience within a corporate environment. MTN also commits to the incubation of young entrepreneurs who are setting up their start-ups

Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Sean Paul, P-Square, Papa Wemba, Toto Guillaume, Passi Le Feu, Lady Ponce, etc. MTN enables Cameroon to rediscover the ambiance of giant shows with international artists of great stature. For years, many local music stars have also paraded on the YaFe (Yaoundé en fête) podium for which MTN is the main support. Today, the tradition continues with the assistance provided to the new generation of Cameroonian musicians and digital distribution on MTN platforms of the works by Cameroonian musicians.

We don’t abandon mates. MTN has adopted this golden rule that is well known on university campuses in Cameroon. Every year, MTN is the main sponsor of the University Games organised by the National University Sports Federation. The company not only brands the Games in yellow and rewards the best athletes; it also takes an active part in refurbishing the sports facilities used, in order to ease the practice of sports under acceptable conditions within the university milieu

For years, the name MTN has been inextricably linked to Cameroonian football: MTN Elite One and MTN Elite Two, were the baptismal names of the national First and Second Division championships. In 2002, MTN joined forces with FECAFOOT to contribute to the development of Cameroonian football at grassroots level. The company has invested heavily to provide material and financial support to elite clubs and facilitate the organization of local football competitions including the national championships of the First and Second Divisions, Cameroon Cup and National Youth Football Championship. MTN has also placed particular emphasis on sports infrastructure, with the construction of 3,000-seat municipal stadia in the towns of Mbouda and Guider.

MTN has given content and meaning to corporate social responsibility in Cameroon. The MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation created in Cameroon, contributes daily to the welfare of communities. Over the years, the Foundation’s multifaceted commitment in the areas of Education, Health, the Environment, Rural Development, Arts and Culture, has had a positive impact in the lives of millions of people. And every year in June, as part of their volunteer programme known as the 21 Days of Y’ello Care, MTN employees also contribute to the implementation of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy by participating in social projects in favour of communities.

MTN’s entry into the visibility market had that touch which showed everyone that something different has been born. Something indefinable, but so close: the African spirit, new colours, brighter, fresher and franker. Another dimension to the billboards, another way of doing things. The perfect illustration of this will be the dressing of the “Building of Death” in Yaounde. Such dressing, forerunner of large wall displays, will later be copied by other advertisers.

The introduction of EVD (Electronic Vouchers Distribution) will be a major breakthrough in the distribution of telecommunications products and services in Cameroon. MTN innovates in 2005 by inaugurating a non-physical but virtual distribution, based on the use of access codes. The principle is simple: fewer scratch cards are used, but MTN provides airtime to EVD partners, who in turn resell same to retailers. This innovation led to the birth of new SMEs who till today employ thousands of Cameroonians.

MTN introduced Mobile Money in Cameroon in 2009. This is a major innovation that will make life easier for users. Subscribers, owners or non-owners of a bank account, can send money to their loved ones or pay bills (electricity, water, telephone, cable, etc.) without having to move and without having to queue at Service Centres concerned. Thanks to the traceability, transparency and security it offers, mobile money will be the payment method par excellence for the Economy that is being built.

MTN sets up in Cameroon with the mission to offer Cameroonians simple, innovative and accessible solutions to meet their communication needs. The 20 years of existence by company are marked by offers and campaigns that have shaken the market, to the great satisfaction of customers. This is the case with Me2U, an offer launched in 2004, which enables the transfer of airtime from one subscriber to another. Inspired by the African values of sharing and solidarity, Me2U is rapidly adopted by the market, and its success accelerates the growth of the call-box. Another example is Y’ello Night with its long nights, thanks to the almost free calls during off-peak periods. This dynamism was again observed during the end-of-year campaign organized by MTN in 2019.

On 30 October 2009, MTN announced a new price plan dubbed ”MTN 99”, dropping the tariff per minute of communication to 99 FCFA. This is an event. MTN is the first GSM operator to bring the price per call minute below the symbolic bar of 100 FCFA. Cameroonians are demanding advantageous communications and MTN has always listened to them. Practically, all tariff reductions rendering communications more and more accessible have been initiated by MTN. In 20 years, the minute of communication has dropped from 540 FCFA in 2000 to less than 30 FCFA today.