Talk is cheap and international calls are even cheaper. At MTN, international calling bundles always give the lowest rates to stay in touch with your loved ones or business around the world. Enjoy the best-quality network at low, low, low rates.

To activate an international calling bundle, dial the code *123*13#
To check your balance, dial *123*13*99#

You can call towards the following countries:  Nigeria, China, India, United States, Canada, Germany,France,Italy,Malaysia,Bangladesh,South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, Israel, Bahrain, Benin, Ghana, Niger.


GroupDestinationsBundle price (XAF)Allocated minutesValidity
400524 Hours
500724 Hours
1,500207 Days
2,5003030 Days
Europe Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Romania, Poland, Denmark 500524 Hours
1000103 Day
2000207 Days
Asia & Australia China, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Australia 5003024 Hours
1000753 Days
2000200 7 Days
West Africa Benin, Ghana, Niger

7503 24 Hours
1,00047 Days
1,5007 30 Days
Middle East
United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel, Bahrain

500524 Hours
1,000103 Days
2,000207 Days
United States of America
United States , Canada
3005024 Hours
500100 3 Days
1000250 7 Days

Like. Comment. Inbox for free with Facebook Flex!

What is Facebook Flex?

Facebook Flex is a version of Facebook that allows you to connect to Facebook for free, without any charges on your main account or your internet bundle

What can you do with Facebook Flex?

With Facebook Flex, you can read publications, comment, share and chat on Messenger with your friends without being charged.

How does the service work?

Facebook flex is Facebook’s “free mode” that gives you free access to all contents on your favorite social network except for photos and videos.

However, you can access it simply by switching to “paid mode”. At this time, your main account or internet bundle will be charged.

To switch from “free mode” to “paid mode” and vice versa, you just need one click.


How to access Facebook Flex?

If you do not have Facebook application installed on your phone, dial *222# and follow the link that you will receive via SMS.


Facebook flex for who?

Facebook Flex is for everyone who browses on MTN Cameroon network.

Facebook Flex works even on basic phones and on all new MTN SIMs.

Feeling insecure when you run out of airtime? Need to use more airtime than you have available in your phone? Want to browse and you don’t have any active data bundles?

Well, MTN Prolongation is just for you!

With MTN Prolongation you can borrow airtime or data bundles and repay later upon your next refill.

Enjoy Hajj bundles while travelling to Saudi Arabia.

To subscribe to a Hajj bundle, simply dials *123*15#, then select option 3 or directly enter *123*15*3#.

Whether on pilgrimage, or for other purposes, stay connected to the most affordable rates in Saudi Arabia.

It is a challenge, every time you travel for business or pleasure, to stay connected to your family, friends or business in Cameroon.

With the new MTN HelloWorld Roaming service, you will no longer need to disconnect your local number.  From now on, travel anywhere in the world without the difficulty of switching from one unreliable network to another, or having to find another SIM card every time you travel.

Travel with the peace of mind of being able to call home and tell your loved ones that you have landed safely or to listen to your children tell you how their days were, at affordable rates

From now, as a member of the MTN family, enjoy the best internet roaming pricing when visiting another MTN country.

Low internet roaming rates at only 6F/MB across MTN networks in 19 countries exactly as if you are browsing from your main account in Cameroon, instead of 65F/MB as previously.