We’ve long put up with the fact that the remaining data on expired plans is wasted, but no more with MTN Hémlè. To celebrate the character of the indomitable network’s subscribers, we have come up with an offer that really helps you in your daily life, to continue your march towards progress.


What is MTN Hémlè?

MTN Hemle is the new offer of MTN that allows you to recover your data after your package has expired.

How does it work ? 

With MTN Hémlè, you can now recover expired internet volumes within 24 hours  after the bundle expired without typing any particular code. Here is the process :

-When your data bundle expires with volume left, renew with a bundle of equal or higher value. If it is done with 24 hours after expiration time, you will get back the data of the previous bundle in addition to the volume of the plan you subscribed. isnt that wonderful ?


How do you check your bundle?

To check which bundles have been recovered and those which have not, simply dial the codes *157*99# or *123*10*99#.

And if it doesn’t work?

Contact our customer service immediately and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long will it last?

Forever. Yes, yes, forever.


MTN Mobile Internet ensures your business operates effectively on the go, with little interruption. Corporate staff will be able to utilise 3G or 4G data network and various types of bundles are offered to suit the needs of your company.

MTN Starter4XAF 4,0001.5 GB01 monthMonthly allocation
MTN Lite 8XAF 8,0004.6 GB01 monthMonthly allocation
MTN Basic 10XAF 10,00030 GB01 monthDaily capping at 1 GB/Day
MTN Silver 12XAF 12,0007 GB01 monthMonthly allocation
MTN Gold 15XAF 15,00045 GB01 monthDaily capping at 1.5 GB/Day
MTN Premium 25XAF 25,00010 GB01 monthMonthly allocation
MTN ConnectXAF 40,000100 GB01 monthMonthly allocation

Mobile Internet bundles
What does MTN Mobile Internet offer your business?
– Improved availability and accessibility, company wide
– Business tools or apps are available offsite
– Better time management