Make your business more competitive and productive by interconnecting your sites through MTNC Backhauling

  • Get VPN services with guaranteed bandwidth
  • Choose your transmission support depending of your area and the criticality of your office (business) The customer has the choice between optical fiber and Microwave
  • Guaranteed SLA from 98% of network availability ratio.


A growing organisation depends on shared intranet for automated business processes and communication. The best way to expand your network to higher speed or multiple locations is through a secure MPLS VPN.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the high-performance technology that can carry your mission-critical data from one network node to the next with minimal disruption, and ideal for feature-rich value-added services. We are perfectly positioned to bring this power to your business.

What does it offer to your business?
– Scalable network speeds and connection points
– Highly secure and encrypted connections
– Reduced operating expenses
– Maximum uptime