MTN Foundation, Cameroon’s first corporate Foundation, continues its program of free health campaigns, offered to communities living in rural areas in the country’s ten regions.

Close to 2200 people were treated in Logone-Birni on 1 and 2 December 2018 as part of this campaign. The inhabitants of this district of the Logone and Chari Division in the Far North left from several neighbouring villages to benefit free consultations, medical examinations, teeth extractions, minor surgeries and other operations.

This treatment was provided to them by volunteers of the Association of Competences for a Better Life (ASCOVIME), led by Dr. Georges Bwelle, CNN Hero award in 2013, and was 78th Commonwealth Points of Light Award winner in 2018. In addition, medicine and lenses, as per available stocks, were also offered to patients.

A week earlier, from November 24 to 25, the town of Foumbot in the Noun, Western region, hosted the same caravan. In this locality, 1060 people were treated: 102 pairs of lenses distributed for 194 ophthalmological consultations, 48 surgical operations performed, 51 dental extractions and scaling carried out… HIV and Hepatitis B and C tests were also conducted free of charge.

Before Logone-Birni and Foumbot, the rural health caravan offered by the MTN Foundation made other stopovers in 2018, providing health care to more than 8,000 people. And as part of the partnership between the MTN Foundation and ASCOVIME, more than 26,000 people have benefited from these free health campaigns between 2014 and 2018.

“We are operating in a difficult environment. And it is even more difficult for the underprivileged population. We can’t just look on, we must act. This is therefore a duty of solidarity that we exercise through these campaigns. Solidarity is in our DNA because this is a value that is dear to us as an African company,” explains the Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation, Melvin AKAM about the institution’s commitment in the domain of proximity health.

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