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2 GB

  • Monthly Bonus: 2 GB Monthly Bonus: 2 GB
  • Bonus Duration: 4 months Bonus Duration: 4 months

Details / Conditions

Have you just bought a new Android phone? Or do you have an Android phone that you have never used on the MTN network?

For all those cases and depending on your android phone (3G capable, 4G capable), you will receive up to 20 GB for free during up to 6

  • Activation

Buy your phone, insert your MTN SIM and dial *157*8# to get your first bonus.

  • Android Bonuses
New 3G Android PhoneNew 4 G Android Phone
Welcome Bonus on 1st month2 GB2 GB
Monthly Bonus2 GB3 GB
Duration of monthly bonus4 months6 months
Activation Code*157*2*2#*157*2*3#
  • Balance

To check the balance of your bonus, simply dial *157*99#

2GB free monthly data