Managed Service

MTN Managed Printing


  • Authentication
  • Print Roaming
  • Impression mobile
MTN Managed Printing


Do you know how many prints, copies and scans are carried out in your company every day?

Do you have any idea of ​​the cost of these operations? Who prints? Are the prints secure?

Are employees using your printing consumables efficiently and productively?

It’s time to get Business Done better with MTN Managed Printing


  • Authentication: Secure access to devices and documents, users authorization by PIN code, username, and/or password.
  • Print Roaming: Secure printing on any device is considered varied needs of the company, regardless of the number of subsidiaries in the world. Also printing accessibility in each subsidiary of the company.
  • Mobile printing: Direct printing from iOS and Mac devices, or as a guest anonymous sending task online.
  • Scan management: One-click secure scan to email, a base folder or a predetermined location.
  • Credit and billing: Individual account or group account.
  • Reporting: Predefined or personalized management reports based on criteria well-defined research areas (Who prints the most? Which department prints the most? Etc.)


  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce impact environmentally
  • Increase of privacy