MTN Co-Location

Physical space

power delivery

air conditioning

Internet connections

  • 24/7 Physical Security
  • Environmenal Monitoring
MTN Co-Location


MTN Colocation is a datacenter facility service MTN Business provide to third parties which give them possibility to lease out rack space for their servers or other network equipment and focus on their core business.


  • Managing Tier-3 datacenter
  • Outsourcing IT infrastructure service
  • Back-up server, house production and the network access.
  • Offering house and power servers
  • Up to 30% discount for wholesalers


  • COST SAVINGS: Save anything from 20% – 70% on your annual IT spend
  • Focus on their core business
  • Greater agility and response to market: More flexible architecture, quickly respond to changing business demands, streamline operational procedures.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Save capital costs on data servers, reduce staff overhead, and lower operational experiences e.g. energy and floor space.
  • Business continuity: Guarantee of business continuity in the event of a disaster and back up hosting

Standard features

  • Physical space
  • Uninterruptible power delivery
  • IP/Internet connections
  • Environmental controls (ex. air conditioning and fire suppression)
  • Security – 24 x7 with video morning
  • Remote hands

Services features

  • LAN/WAN – Gigabit Ethernet / IP MPLS/ Internet
  • Security – IPSec & Firewall
  • Physical Security & Access Control– 24/7
  • Environmental monitoring & reporting, 99% availability
  • Remote hands + Auto notification of prolonged power outage