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MTN Cameroon's commitment to provide quality network and services to Cameroonians

Our Commitment

Telecommunications in Cameroon play an extremely important economic and social role. The industry contributes to the well-being of the population and is a significant growth catalyst.

Since 2000, MTN is committed to working alongside the Government to contribute to the development of telecommunications infrastructure and offer Cameroonians simple, innovative and accessible services that meet their communication needs.

The quality of our network and services offered to users is paramount to our company.

Because Service quality is the number one priority of MTN Cameroon’s activity; Because Customer experience is at the centre of our efforts and focus of our attention;

We are fully committed to ensure permanent availability of our network. Where necessary, MTN Cameroon will always ensure that any faults which could degrade the quality of service are redressed within the shortest time possible.

Over the last three financial years, MTN Cameroon has invested close to FCFA 100 billion in its network infrastructure to further expand its coverage and improve its quality. Almost FCFA 38 billion has already been invested in the current fiscal year 2021 alone.

These heavy investments enable MTN Cameroon to cover a vast majority of the population, in the 10 regions of the country, and often well beyond the coverage requirements contained in the specifications stipulated in our Concession Agreement of 11 March 2015, amended on 04 May 2018.


  • 35% of the population is covered by MTN Cameroon’s 2G network, across the country’s 10 regions.
  • MTN Cameroon’s 3G covers 87.58% of the population, ahead of the obligations contained in our specifications.
  • MTN Cameroon’s 4G network covers almost 60% of the population, in compliance with the specification requirements including, as far as the main urban centres are concerned, highways and sites considered as priority and strategic in the Concession Agreement.

In terms of quality of service and user experience, the performance of MTN’s network is fully in line with the key performance indicators defined in the specifications stipulated in our Concession Agreement.

This good performance of MTN’s network is confirmed by test results, studies and surveys carried out by institutes with an established worldwide reputation, specialized in measuring network quality and user satisfaction.

MTN’s network is therefore recognised by the international agencies Ookla and Rohde & Schwarz as being the fastest and most solid in Cameroon. As per the satisfaction index (NPS) realized by IPSOS among Cameroonian users, MTN also achieves the best performance of all the concession holders, with often less than 10% detraction rate.

And because we deeply believe that everyone is entitled to the benefits of a modern connected life, MTN Cameroon is currently mobilised in achieving impactful projects notably aimed at the following:

  • Modernisation of our network infrastructure in the main urban centres being Yaounde and Douala with state-of-the-art equipment that can support future technologies.
  • Optimal coverage of the strategic sites selected for the African Cup of Nations football tournament that Cameroon is hosting in the coming months.
  • The implementation of a digital tool that analyses subscriber performance thereby enabling the proactive management of customer experience in real time. With this innovative tool, MTN Cameroon will be able to receive precise information on the difficulties experienced on the network by any customer to provide specific solutions adapted to the user’s concerns.
  • Extension of MTN’s network in rural areas beyond the requirements of our specifications, through the installation, by the end of 2022, of roughly 200 VSAT sites in several remote localities in the 10 regions of the country. 48 new localities have been covered over the last two months thanks to our innovative rural telephony solution which respects the environment and contributes in the reduction of carbon emissions within the framework of Project Zero which is inscribed in our Ambition 2025 strategy.
  • The reinforcement of our network in the North West, South West and Far North Regions which need huge additional investments to rehabilitate the numerous base stations vandalized in these three restive regions.
  • Testing 5G technology, the request for which has been addressed to the Telecommunications Regulatory Board, in order to provide Cameroonians with access to more modern uses of information and communication technologies.

Notwithstanding the investments made by MTN Cameroon and constant efforts of our company to offer subscribers quality service that meets their expectations, the optimal quality of our network remains dependent on important factors that are beyond the control of our company. This is notably the case with the numerous optical fibre cuts which considerably and regularly degrade the quality of service provided to users. The instability and lack of electricity in some areas as well as the security situation in the three regions declared economically devastated, namely the Far North, North-West and South-West, further contribute to this deterioration.

We are confident that the ongoing consultations with strategic partners, CAMTEL and government authorities will eventually improve on one hand, the stability of electricity supply, and on the other, the quality and management of optical fibre, which is an essential infrastructure for the development of electronic communications in Cameroon.