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Ta Voix Compte

Your Voice Matters!

With all the challenges faced by Cameroon’s youth, it is high time they heard this phrase, which is truer than ever:

With its new global positioning, we on the Indomitable Network want to continue to participate in the development of Africa by offering everyone the tools to impact their environment.


We know that this progress will absolutely come through the youth. And because the young Cameroonian sometimes feels marginalized, excluded, MTN in Cameroon wants to remind that for us, his voice counts and that with his voice, his freedom, his opinions, his initiatives … he can now move the world!

MTN YaMo becomes more than a product or a community and becomes a MOVEMENT!


A community is defined by shared values and beliefs, shared norms, a common destiny. We can be part of a community without necessarily acting or participating. MTN YaMo is now bigger than a community because beyond MTN’s commitment to connect young people, beyond their common will to succeed, MTN YaMo provides the tools, the means, and shows the way to amplify their voice and even to help them find their way.


It will be about talking to those who are :






We are thus moving from the slogan: #YaMoEnjoyYourWay to #JoinTheYaMoMvmt #YourVoiceMatters


This deeper involvement in the life and progress of young Cameroonians will be achieved through several strong initiatives:

-Bundles with more and more advantages and control;

-Privileged spaces to express creativity;

-Support programmes for young people to build a future through their passions and professional integration;

-Many other surprises…

This world of privileges will now be offered to young people who join the YaMo movement to make their voices heard and move the world.